What To Look For in Background Checks

You’re a high-volume employer with a lot of applications to sort through. How in the world can you keep up? Starting with quality background checks can reveal the best applicants for the job.

Thorough Criminal History

Who wants a convicted criminal on their payroll? The most important thing to look for in a background check is thorough criminal histories. Be aware that from a legal standpoint, employers are only able to see the convicted histories. Depending on the state, most arrest histories aren’t part of a background check.

If an applicant has a criminal record reported, read through every detail. Their conviction may not have anything to do with the job being advertised. It’s ultimately up to the employer to make the final call.

Multiple Verification on ID

Do you have an applicant named “John Brown”? You may not realize that there are hundreds of “John Browns” in the world today. You need an accurate check on this particular individual.

Look for companies that verify their findings, such as background checks by Checkr. The experts verify several forms of identification before pinpointing the exact person associated with your application.

They’ll verify Social Security numbers, ID cards, driver’s licenses and more. Matching the wrong criminal history with an applicant is an incredible embarrassment, right?

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

You can’t receive every detail about an applicant in a background check. Both the employer and service provider must be compliant with state and federal laws.

Take a look at the information advertised by the background-check service. If you’re a car-driving employer, information on a person’s driving record is crucial. You cannot, however, have access to the applicant’s medical records.

A reputable, background check is centered around a person’s character and based on public records.

Understandable Reports

When you request a background check, the information must be presented in an understandable way. You might receive color-coded reports that carefully explain each applicant’s background. These are the reports that you want!

Receiving a wall of text about multiple candidates only amounts to more work for you. Look for report examples before settling on a background-check service. If you can’t understand the data, mistakes can easily occur. Professionalism and accurate information are critical to an employer’s reputation and financial outlook.

Access Everywhere

Do you know a provider that mails reports to your company? Skip this provider entirely! You need 21st-century access through email and account logins. In fact, most of your reports should be accessible through mobile devices.

Being mobile with this information means that you can conduct business any time, anywhere. You cannot be hindered by lost pages anymore! As you meet with your applicants, pulling up the information on your smartphone gives you a refresher on the data, which leads to smart hiring decisions.

The business world doesn’t run on a 9-to-5 schedule anymore. Around-the-clock availability and remote workers are the trend now. Keep up with your hiring pool with background checks by Checkr. The information will broaden your understanding of each person while protecting your brand.